Web Hosting : Simple and Reliable

Every website requires hosting to be available on the Internet. Choosing a good web host is sometimes difficult, and a mistake can have major consequences on your communication and sales.


The hosting quality affects:

  • The performance of your website
  • The SEO of your website
  • Maintenance possibilities (backups, evolution)
  • Your time! Managing problems is extremely time-consuming without a qualified and available partner.


At BM-STRATEGIE, we offer two packages adapted to your needs and budget:



We put your site on one of our high-performance dedicated servers. Load times are lower than on a shared platform, and you’ll have access to our maintenance service, regular backups, and support. This type of hosting is imperative if you have an online store or a website containing sensitive data or regular updates.


We manage your hosting on a shared platform (OVH, 1&1, Gandi, etc.). This solution is perfectly suited to small budgets and corporate sites, if lowered performance is acceptable.